Stockton’s Coast Day offers science, art and a history of the shoreline

Published On: October 20th, 2018

Press of Atlantic City

Molly Bilinski

Stockton University welcomed the public to its new city campus Saturday for its first Coast Day, an event showcasing the science, art and history of the shoreline through lectures and activities.

“The idea is community engagement and community education,” said Susanne Moskalski, an assistant professor of marine science at the university and lead coordinator of the event.

Coast Day included lectures on the maritime history of New Jersey and American literary and visual representations of coastal pollution, a wave tank that demonstrated the difference between large and small waves and their effect on the coastline, and a marine-life touch tank manned by student volunteers.

Anna Pfeiffer-Herbert, assistant professor of marine science, said the event gives students the opportunity to teach the community what they’ve learned in the classroom.

But the event wasn’t just about the science of the coastline.

“We were excited with this presence in Atlantic City to highlight the science, but also the arts and humanities,” she said.