Public-Private Partnerships: A Path to Success

Published On: January 1st, 2018

College Planning & Management

Scott Berman

Getting the most out of capital projects requires, among other things, great attention to the details, strategic thinking, cultivating stakeholder buy-in, working closely with local communities, and finding and forging the right partnerships and funding formulas. It also takes bold vision and the ability to think big and persevere.

Two growing institutions in southern New Jersey, Stockton and Rowan universities, are examples.

At Stockton University, a recent visit to the site of a 533-bed student residence showed bustling construction just yards from the storied Atlantic City boardwalk. The $93-million building is part of a $200 million initiative that Stockton is implementing, after various fits and starts over the years, to create an Atlantic City campus some 13 miles from Stockton’s main campus in Galloway Township.